Phil Bates
I love the alpine and high mountains, especially mixed climbing!
Ron Campbell
My favorite times are in the wild, in the mountains or the desert. Nothing else approaches the joy I feel there.
Cheryl McMurray (Emeritus)
Yoga and the mountains help to quiet and recharge my mind, and challenge my body.
Jennifer Jones
A hard hike will always clear your head and put you in the present.
Alain Bourgault
I love the mountains, surfing, rock climbing, camping, and being a WTC instructor!
Erin McMann McNeill
I love breathtaking vistas, leaving no trace, and being a WTC instructor!
Gideon Strich
I've been leading trips and backpacking for many years. Find me in my favorite place, the Eastern Sierras, and ask me about completing the John Muir Trail.
Judi Grissmeyer
I’m happiest in the mountains and love hiking in the Sierras and Yosemite. I take time to enjoy the beauty and take lots of photos.
Catalina Cuellar
Adventure awaits...I'm on my way!
Alejandra Priede Schubert
I love learning from nature. I enjoy the peak of a mountain as much as the path to get to it.
Kay Phy
My happy place is being on the water or in the mountains. The outdoors and Sierras is a place where getting to know each other and ourselves is accelerated.
Vish Kot
Ask me about sun protection. And try to catch me.
Anne Justus
Mother Earth is our greatest teacher. Navigating the journey is half the fun!
Tim Branson
Running down a long scree slope is my idea of fun!
Bindu Rao
Rain or shine it is always fine up on mountains divine